Engineering Project Manager

Amanda Payonk

An engineer and project manager with 6 years of engineering consulting experience in the energy and utilities industry. I have gained experience working as an engineer and applied that knowledge to my position as a project manager. I enjoy contributing to a growing company where I can make positive contributions to its success.


Dennis Payonk

An engineer with experience in all phases of startups. I enjoy building information systems, developing autonomous technical teams, and practical decision making. My expertise is in startup s, data, and healthcare industries. I love integrating data into software products and growing businesses using technology. A lifelong hacker with Ruby, JavaScript, C#, Postgres, and analytics experience. An avid reader of news & non-fiction, and consumer of IPAs & red wine. And I like to golf.

Personal Injury and Criminal Defense

James Payonk

A personal injury and criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience. I opened my law offices in Orland Park, Illinois after practicing law in the loop and having my own law firm in the loop for over 20 years. I wanted to have my office closer to my clients in the southwest suburbs.

Singing Actor

John Payonk

Critically acclaimed baritone and actor

Sr. Safety Director at R&R Express, Inc. - Balkan Express, Inc.

Loretta Payonk

Director of Operations for Safety and Compliance. Responsible for creating and maintaining the safety culture of Motor Carriers under my direction.

Management Consultant

Rose Ann Payonk

Founder and principal of Payonk Consulting, specializes in partnering with organizational leaders to enhance their managerial abilities and create developmental solutions within their organizations. She has worked with the following FORTUNE 150 companies: Pfizer, Microsoft, AstraZeneca and Boeing.