After looking at the options for sharing photos of our new baby girl, I decided it was worth it to ditch the big tech companies and write my own. I don't trust the social media platform (Facebook, Twitter) and I wasn't interested in giving Google, Microsoft, or Amazon my personal data just yet.  

So, I went down the path of trying to build one without using any of the major tech companies (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter).  Considering I'm a tech person, it was a good opportunity to evaluate some of the new tech hotness.

I've written web apps in more than 7 languages including C++, PHP, C#, Ruby, Python, Java, Kotlin, and NodeJS.  While I continue to emulate the Ruby on Rails framework wherever possible, I've decided Python and JavaScript are my primary languages going forward however.

So, after looking through my options, I built our private Instagram using the following stack


  • Python on the server side
  • Typescript on the client side wherever possible



Cloud Services

I'll review each one of them in a later post, but suffice it to say, I still miss Ruby on Rails.