Sr. Safety Director at R&R Express, Inc. - Balkan Express, Inc.

Loretta Payonk

Director of Operations for Safety and Compliance. Responsible for creating and maintaining the safety culture of Motor Carriers under my direction.

Responsible for the transfer and set up of the transportation division in accordance with the FMCSA regulations.

Responsible for the development and implementation of the Safety Program including monitoring and reviewing CSA data. Responsible for the development and implementation of Safety Action Plans to improve the CSA BASIC scores. Responsible for assisting all owner operators with maintenance of PSP scores. Responsible for the C-TPAT and PIP-PEP Security programs, including the original certifications and updates. Responsible for management of Recruiters who hire and maintain owner operators for all terminal offices. Responsible for the safety accident/claim investigation and review of all cargo and liability claims. Specialties include obtaining Satisfactory Rating for Transportation Companies after successfully passing Federal Safety Audits. Obtain Certifications for FAST approval for Company and Owner Operators through the US Customs and CBSA offices. Communication with drivers to help instill the safety culture of the transportation divisions.